Advancing precision medicine through RNA-based diagnostics

GeneCentric is unwinding the complexities of the Tumor and Immune MicroEnvironment (T(I)ME) and translating those insights into actionable genomic signatures of drug response and new target identification for cancer.

Our RNA-based rT(I)ME Explorer Platform uses advanced computational biology informatics that enable the development of robust and clinically impactful gene signatures and related diagnostics for selecting the right patients for the right therapy.


Diagnostics powered by the rT(I)ME Explorer Platform

We are building a pipeline of prognostic and predictive response signatures and related diagnostics for both prevalent and complex cancers with high unmet medical need.


Biopharma partnerships fueling drug development

GeneCentric collaborates with some of the world’s leading research and development organizations and commercial reference labs. By bringing together our unique strengths and proprietary technology for RNA-based diagnostics, we rapidly and efficiently translate the most promising science and advance drug development to deliver new hope to those fighting cancer.