GeneCentric's rT(I)ME Explorer Platform

Unwinding the complex Tumor and Immune MicroEnvironment (T(I)ME) to translate tumor biology insights into actionable genomic signatures of drug response and new target identification. Our RNA-based rT(I)ME Explorer Platform builds upon pioneering RNA-based genomic-defined cancer subtypes and immunogenomic innovations.

The rT(I)ME Explorer Platform is designed to characterize tumor biology in a manner that enables optimal targeting of therapeutic compounds through the combination of gene expression data with disease-related molecular pathways and immune cell expression to identify therapy response signatures using advanced computational biology technologies.



Cancer Profiler Portfolio Powered by the rT(I)ME Explorer Platform

GeneCentric is building a pipeline of universal cancer subtypes/response signatures across areas of target biology and for the most prevalent and complex cancers with high unmet medical need.


Achieving Greater Progress Through Effective Collaboration

GeneCentric is proud to collaborate with some of the world’s leading research and development organizations. By bringing together our unique strengths and proprietary technology with that of our partners we are able to rapidly and efficiently translate the most promising science and advance drug development, delivering new hope to those fighting cancer today.


GeneCentric Adds Unique Value at Every Stage of Drug Development

Development Stage Involvement

Drive translational research to FIM through novel in-silico and in-vivo modeling

Enable clear segmentation of patients via subtyping during early drug development

Confirm subtype profilers as response biomarkers supporting accelerated drug, and companion diagnostic, development

Expand subtypes drug-response biomarkers in confirmatory and indication expansion studies to maximize market potential

Reposition and repurpose drugs by subtyping patients to reveal new or additional drug responder populations and commercial potential