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GeneCentric Company Overview

GeneCentric Therapeutics is applying our proprietary rT(I)ME Explorer Platform to identify high resolution molecular subtypes and drug responder populations that enable the development of precision cancer drugs while improving patient outcomes. Our approach applies our rT(I)ME Explorer Platform to parse the complexity of the tumor and the immune microenvironment and overall tumor biology to generate response  signatures. This approach yields high-resolution cancer subtypes with the potential to function as universal biomarkers, or predictive response signatures, for immune-based, targeted and other cancer therapeutics. In commercializing our technology through strategic collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, we can deploy the rT(I)ME Explorer Platform at all stages of the drug development cycle.


Kirk Beebe, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer


Philippe Chemla, PhD, MBA

Chief Business Officer

James M Davison, PhD

Senior Translational Genomics Scientist

Jeff Burdine

Sr. Director Information Technology

Joel R. Eisner, PhD

Sr. Vice President - Clinical & Corporate Development

Felix Frueh, PhD

Genomics Application and Regulatory Expert Executive Partner, Opus Three Life Sciences

John Guo

John Guo, PhD

Senior Bioinformatics Scientist


Howard Kartstein

Director of Business Development

Myla Lai-Goldman, MD

Founder & Executive Chairperson

Greg Mayhew, DrPH

Director of Bioinformatics

Mike Milburn

Michael V. Milburn, PhD

Chief Executive Officer and President

Joel Parker, PhD

Bioinformatics, RNA, and expression analysis expert Associate Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill

Paul Armistead, MD, PhD

Immunology, Hematologist and Antigen Expert Associate Professor of Medicine, UNC-Chapel Hill

Chenyqua Shepard, CPA

Chief Operating Officer

Yoichiro Shibata, PhD

Senior Bioinformatics Scientist

Josh Uronis, PhD

Laboratory Director

Benjamin Vincent, MD

Hematologist and Immunogenomics Expert Assistant Professor of Medicine, UNC-Chapel Hill

Myla Lai-Goldman, MD

Founder & Executive Chairperson

Arnold J. Levine, Phd


Ellen Lubman


Mike Milburn

Michael V. Milburn, PhD

Chief Executive Officer and President

Charles M. Perou, PhD

Founder and Director

Clay B. Thorp

General Partner, Hatteras Venture Partners

N. Hayes

David Neil Hayes, MD MPH MS

Observer and Founder

Making News: Our Latest Progress, Partnerships and Impact

GeneCentric Therapeutics Closes $7.5 Million Series B1 Financing


Collaboration with Labcorp recently featured in the Triangle Business Journal


GeneCentric Therapeutics Collaborates with Labcorp to Develop Novel RNA-Based Oncology Diagnostics