Our Strategy

GeneCentric’s mission is to become a leader in the development and commercialization of technology that defines cancer drug responder populations and thereby enhances success in drug development.

We partner with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to identify the most complete spectrum of responder populations to their drugs and drug candidates across throughout the drug development process. The ability our rT(I)ME Explorer Platform in bringing insight and intelligence to the challenging realm of drug development can be seen at all stages – from discovery and translational research, to clinical validation and commercialization, to repositioning clinical stage compounds and identifying new indications for existing drugs.

Through our alliances and collaborations, we create new intellectual property and provide the basis for developing novel companion diagnostics (CDx). We are also leveraging our rT(I)ME Explorer Platform to acquire and create new intellectual property around the development of select existing cancer therapeutics.

GeneCentric Adds Unique Value at Every Stage of Drug Development

Development Stage Involvement

Drive translational research to FIM through novel in-silico and in-vivo modeling

Enable clear segmentation of patients via subtyping during early drug development

Confirm subtype profilers as response biomarkers supporting accelerated drug, and companion diagnostic, development

Expand subtypes drug-response biomarkers in confirmatory and indication expansion studies to maximize market potential

Reposition and repurpose drugs by subtyping patients to reveal new or additional drug responder populations and commercial potential

Collaborations and Partnerships

GeneCentric has built its rT(I)ME Explorer Platform by complementing over a decade of internal expertise with a growing network of leading researchers, their laboratories, and corresponding academic institutions. GeneCentric works with researchers and institutions to identify and advance the most promising, novel science relating to cancer and immune biology that lead to a greater understanding of disease development and expression.  These collaborations allow the translation of discoveries into breakthroughs that enable treatments for the most common as well as complex cancers.

GeneCentric partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in order to support the development of their pipeline of cancer therapeutics from pre-clinical validation through commercialization.

Beginning with in-silico and in-vivo (PDX or other) models, we rapidly undertake pre-clinical validation and biological pathway analysis for specific drug candidates/targets, often times resulting in prototype response signatures. Next, from first in man (FIM) or early-stage trials, to validation/mid-stage clinical studies, to late-stage or regulatory-submission trials, the rT(I)ME Platform enables patient stratification/optimization and transfer readily to companion diagnostics to achieve rapid and successful Rx/CDx development. GeneCentric is dedicated to speeding drug development and increasing the rate of program success at each stage of the process.

End-to-End Genomics Solutions

GeneCentric partners with biotech and pharmaceutical clients at all stages of development and provides an integrated and customizable “end-to-end” genomics solution from rapid study start up and project design to final study reports capturing not only study results but also contextualization with the target biology and therapeutic space.  We leverage our decade-plus experience of working with partners who are start-up biotechs to top 5 pharmas.