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GeneCentric Therapeutics’ CEO, Dr. Myla Lai-Goldman, will deliver a presentation at the Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) 2018 Duke University Program, September 24-25, entitled: “Delivering Greater Precision to Precision Medicine.”

In an interview with PMWC ahead of the conference Dr. Lai-Goldman provides perspectives on novel cancer drug response biomarkers to enable more effective and efficient drug development can be found at:  The interview describes GeneCentric’s cancer subtyping approach to biomarker development through advanced computational biology technologies that characterize tumor biology through gene expression data, disease-related molecular pathways, immune cell expression and other strategies.

PMWC 2018 Duke, co-hosted with University of Michigan, Stanford Health Care and UCSF features keynote presentations from genomic luminary Craig Venter, microbiome pioneer Jeffrey Gordon and Duke Vice Chancellor and former FDA Commissioner Robert Califf.  With more than 100 speakers, over 2000 multidisciplinary attendees and key stakeholders from the business, government, healthcare delivery, research and technology arenas, PMWC 2018 Duke will examine the advances and challenges of personalized medicine through a practical lens.  For more information and the complete program, visit:


About Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC)

The Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC), formerly known as the Personalized Medicine World Conference, is an independent and established conference that attracts recognized authorities and experts across healthcare and biotechnology sectors. The Conference – an outstanding forum to touch upon the different directions and aspects of precision medicine and attended by all the multi-disciplinary stakeholders – showcases practical content that helps close the knowledge gap by different sectors, thereby catalyzing cross-functional collaboration to further adoption of personalized medicine in the clinic.


About GeneCentric Therapeutics, Inc.

GeneCentric Therapeutics is applying proprietary technology to identify drug responder populations that enable development of precision medicine drugs and improve patient outcomes. Our approach applies the Cancer Subtype Platform (CSP®) to parse complex tumor biology into genomic signatures revealing high-resolution cancer subtypes, with potential as universal biomarkers for susceptibility to multiple classes of agents including immune-based, molecularly targeted and chemotherapeutics. We are commercializing our technology through strategic collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to define responder populations applicable throughout the drug development cycle. GeneCentric has established several pharmaceutical collaborations, including Bristol Myers Squibb and G1 Therapeutics.  For more information, please visit