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Dr. Myla Lai-Goldman, co-founder and CEO of GeneCentric Therapeutics, will co-Chair a panel at the Next Generation Diagnostics (Dx) Summit 2018, August 20-24 in Washington, DC titled: “Paths to Universal Drug-Diagnostics Co-Development.”

Next Generation Diagnostics Summit 2018, in its tenth year, includes over 1,000 international diagnostic professionals working in the field spanning cell- and cell-free biopsies, commercialization, reimbursement, biomarkers and companion diagnostics for immunotherapy, point-of-care testing, infectious disease, microfluidics and precision medicine.

The “Paths to Universal Drug-Diagnostics Co-Development” session will take place on Monday, August 20th, from 1:30-3:00pm and will include panelists Eric Peters (Genentech), Jason Christiansen (Ignyta), Matthew Hawryluk (Gritstone Oncology), John Lubniewski (HTG Molecular) and Nicholas Dracopoli (Personal Genome Diagnostics).

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About Next Generation Diagnostics Summit 2018

Since 2009, the Next Generation Diagnostics Summit, a division of Cambridge HealthTech Institute, has united the diagnostics community to discuss trend-setting developments, milestones, challenges and opportunities in the industry. A decade later, the diagnostics industry has paved the path to the precision medicine era with tremendous advancement in rapid and non-invasive testing, cancer detection and monitoring, and expanding applications of clinical sequencing.  As the market demands faster and more precise diagnostics, and regulatory and reimbursement conditions continue to evolve, diagnostic professionals need a comprehensive event that can help them build partnerships, gain industry knowledge, and network with and learn from their peers. Next Generation Dx Summit provides a venue to advance the science of diagnostics and improve the practice of medicine.


About GeneCentric Therapeutics, Inc.

GeneCentric Therapeutics is applying proprietary technology to identify drug responder populations that enable development of precision medicine drugs and improve patient outcomes. Our approach applies the Cancer Subtype Platform (CSP®) to parse complex tumor biology into genomic signatures revealing high-resolution cancer subtypes, with potential as universal biomarkers for susceptibility to multiple classes of agents including immune-based, molecularly targeted and chemotherapeutics. We are commercializing our technology through strategic collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to define responder populations applicable throughout the drug development cycle. GeneCentric has established several pharmaceutical collaborations, including Bristol Myers Squibb and G1 Therapeutics.  For more information, please visit