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Patent Provides Framework for Further Development of Novel Lung Cancer Molecular Diagnostic Tests

DURHAM, NC / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2021 / GeneCentric Therapeutics, a company making precision medicine more precise, announced today the granting of Patent No. 10,934,595 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), protecting another one of its novel RNA-based lung cancer gene signatures. This new patent provides further demonstration of the novel RNA-based technology achievements of the GeneCentric team and its growing pipeline of predictive response signatures developed using its Tumor and Immune Micro-Environment (T(I)ME) Explorer platform.

The patent covers the use of reduced RNA gene sets to characterize tumors from patients diagnosed with non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), which are foundational to the development of the company’s predictive response signatures and diagnostics for this important patient population. The use of RNA-based gene signatures allows for a deeper understanding of the T(I)ME than DNA mutations alone, often allowing for the identification of a broader patient population that may benefit from targeted therapy compared to use of traditional DNA mutation analysis.

“Those of us who study the genomics of lung cancer have known for more than a decade that there is a rich and reproducible story to be told though gene expression assays,” said Neil Hayes, MD, GeneCentric co-founder, and Scientific Director, University of Tennessee West Institute for Cancer Research. “The signatures inherent to clinically relevant subgroups are opaque to the microscope but revealed through the genome. We are thrilled to open the door to applications applicable to prognosis and response for traditional cytotoxic chemotherapy, targeted therapies, and emerging immune-oncologic approaches.”

GeneCentric continues to make significant progress with its growing pipeline of RNA-based predictive response signatures and molecular diagnostics, with the lung cancer program as its cornerstone. Further updates will be provided as the company presents additional data validating its novel RNA-based signatures and diagnostic tests across multiple tumor types at upcoming scientific meetings and in peer-reviewed publications.

“This is an important time for GeneCentric as we clinically validate and prepare to launch this diagnostic test,” said Dr. Mike Milburn, President, and CEO of GeneCentric Therapeutics. “The granting of this latest lung cancer patent by the USPTO demonstrates the utility and uniqueness of our growing pipeline of RNA-based diagnostics,”

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