GeneCentric Strategic Collaborations

A GeneCentric Strategic Collaboration integrates GeneCentric’s unique strengths with our partner’s capabilities to rapidly and efficiently advance drug development and companion diagnostics. GeneCentric’s novel core technology platform, Cancer Subtype Platform (CSP®), provides drug developers with the ability to identify new cancer subtypes and stratify patient response to therapy more precisely. Our intellectual property (IP) portfolio, bioinformatics resources and expertise provide insight into molecular pathways and potential hypotheses for better patient selection.

Our partnering capabilities include:

  • Pre-qualifying drug targets in-silico for pharma and biopharma prior to in-licensing or in-house development
  • Identifying optimal patient cohorts
  • Trouble-shooting study data in Phases I-III
  • Developing subtype-based, commercialization-ready companion diagnostics

GeneCentric seeks to creatively structure deals that benefit both partners, ranging from services to at-risk co-development.

If you’re interested in partnering with GeneCentric, contact us at