Drug Development Team

Drug Development Team

rPeter Collins
Pharmaceutical Business Development Consultant
Mr. Collins has a strong entrepreneurial background and has held senior executive roles, including CEO, at a number of early-stage diagnostics and life sciences companies. A seasoned executive in molecular diagnostics with a wealth of experience in strategic leadership, business development and commercialisation, he is currently Chief Business Officer at Premaitha Health. Mr. Collins previously served as VP, Head of Diagnostics at GlaxoSmithKline, where he led GSK’s Diagnostic Nucleus, supporting the diagnostic needs of Clinical Development Programs across all business units. Mr. Collins was formerly VP of Pharma Business Development for QIAGEN, driving the uptake of companion diagnostic programs in multiple partnerships across the pharma industry. Prior to its acquisition by QIAGEN, he was VP Business Development at DxS where he was pivotal in securing key companion diagnostic agreements for KRAS and EGFR. Peter previously served as VP of Marketing and Sales for Vysis Europe (now Abbott Molecular Diagnostics), and is a founder and board member of EPEMED, a European organization dedicated to advancing personalized medicine.


FelixFelix Frueh, PhD
Regulatory Affairs Consultant
Dr. Felix Frueh is Founder and Executive Partner at Opus Three LLC, a premier consulting group for regulatory and reimbursement strategies in personalized medicine. Dr. Frueh was Chief Scientific Officer at Human Longevity, Inc., a health and bio-IT company and was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Third Rock Ventures. He was President of the Medco Research Institute, leading research initiatives in health economics and outcomes after having formed Medco’s personalized medicine R&D organization. Prior to Medco, he was the Associate Director for Genomics at the U.S. FDA, where he built the FDA’s first genomics review team and was responsible for the development and implementation of biomarker qualification and companion diagnostics policies. Dr. Frueh’s Board service has included the Personalized Medicine Coalition, Enterome Biosciences and CredibleMeds, Inc. Dr. Frueh is a Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology and was faculty member at Georgetown University and the University of North Carolina. He studied at Stanford University and the University of Basel in Switzerland, where he graduated magna cum laude in biochemistry.


tonaTona Gilmer, PhD
Drug Development Consultant

Dr. Tona Gilmer is a drug development consultant to GeneCentric and manager, TMGilmer Consulting LLC.  She has over 26 years experience in Oncology drug discovery and development at GlaxoSmithKline, where she held numerous positions, including Director of Oncology Biology, Cancer Forum Head and Project Leader of the Phosphotyrosine Signaling Project, culminating as Global Director of Oncology Translational Research.  She was a key member of numerous drug discovery and development programs, including Tykerb and Votrient and was responsible for the translational studies for the Tafinlar and Mekinist projects. Dr. Gilmer received her BS from Baylor University and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.  Dr. Gilmer performed her post-doctoral work with Drs. Raymond Erikson (then at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center) and Steve Bachenheimer (UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine).  Dr. Gilmer joined the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences as a Senior Staff Fellow investigating the molecular basis for the genesis and progression of carcinogenesis before joining GSK.  Dr. Gilmer has served as Senior Editor of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics since 2009.


Jonothan Serody, MD
Immune Therapy Consultant

Jonothan Serody MD is the Elizabeth Thomas Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.  He is the Associate Director of Translational Science where he has been critical to the new Immunotherapy and ImmunoOncology programs at UNC.  Dr. Serody received his BA from the University of Virginia where he continued onto Medical School at the University of Virginia and received his MD degree.  He performed his residency training at the University of North Carolina and then performed postdoctoral fellowship work in Infectious Diseases, Hematology and Oncology at the University of North Carolina and bone marrow transplantation at the Fred Hutchinson Research Cancer Center.  He has published over 100 manuscripts and book chapters with a focus on the biology of allogeneic stem cell transplantation, tumor vaccination and tumor immunology.  Dr. Serody’s work has been pivotal in our understanding of the function of migratory proteins in the process of graft-versus-host disease as well as enhancing our understanding of the role of immune cells in controlling the growth of epithelial tumors.

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