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Founded in 2011 by Drs. Neil Hayes, Chuck Perou and Myla Lai-Goldman, GeneCentric is dedicated to enabling precise and effective treatment options for cancer patients through personalized molecular diagnostic assays and targeted drug development. We leverage our proprietary Cancer Subtype Platform (CSP®) to change the taxonomy of cancer through an integrated analysis of tumor genomics. By capturing a comprehensive picture of DNA, RNA and copy number biomarkers, CSP® can identify cancer subtypes that enable drug developers to meet the growing demand for precision medicines, and provide clinicians the information they need to make individualized treatment decisions.

CSP®’s novel cancer subtypes can be applied to large existing databases to test upfront hypotheses, leading to safer, faster, and more cost-effective clinical trials with rational patient subsets and improved health outcomes. CSP® has broad therapeutic potential and can enable new drug development as well as repurposing and repositioning projects.

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  • Hatteras Venture Partners
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • LabCorp Ventures